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Like most people, you probably own at least one iOS device. You most likely have lots of photos of unforgettable or special moments stored on it. What better way is there to decorate the walls of your home than with these photos? Or maybe you’d prefer to collect all these photos together and put them in a physical album. Whatever the reason, if you want to print photos from an iOS device, you should get yourself an AirPrint printer.

AirPrint printers are not only useful for printing photos, they are also very useful for high-speed, quality document printing. When people think of using a printer, they automatically begin to stress about about cables and installation software. However, with AirPrint printers, you don’t need to worry about any of this as they offer wireless connectivity, without the need to install any software or drivers.

Key Facts

  • The best AirPrint printers allow all types of documents to be printed quickly and easily. Thanks to the wireless technology they utilize, they allow devices to connect virtually instantly and without the need of additional software or the installation of any drivers.
  • AirPrint printing is a type of wireless technology, not a brand that manufactures hardware designed for printing. It aims to speed up the printing process, as well as to eliminate the hassle of cables. It is exclusively for devices that use Apple iOS.
  • When choosing the best printer to suit your needs, you need to consider how you plan to use it. There are some models designed primarily for printing photos, while others are more suitable for printing long text-based documents.

Our Selection of the Best AirPrint Printers on the U.S. Market

Remember that AirPrint is not a brand of printers, it is a type of technology that is integrated in certain models of printers currently available on the market. It is compatible with iOS devices and allows wireless printing without any loss of quality or performance. Here we present you with the four best AirPrint printers, in different categories, so you can easily find the option that best suits your needs.

This is the most popular AirPrint printer on the market from renowned manufacturer HP. Take charge of your tasks and finish in less time with the easy-to-use 2.2 inch display. Quickly copy, scan, and fax multipage documents with the 35-page automatic document feeder. Access coloring pages, recipes, coupons, and more with the free HP Printables mobile app. Compact all-in-one design fits easily on your desk, on a shelf, or practically anywhere.

Best All-In-One AirPrint Printer

Another great AirPrint printer from HP, although slightly larger and with a bigger capacity. Easily print borderless, high-quality photos and crisp text at home or on the go from all your family’s devices, smartphones, tablets and PCs. The HP smart app lets you easily set up your photo printer, scan documents with your smartphone camera, and print from social media or any cloud-based storage system.

Best High-Speed and High Capacity AirPrint Printer

If you need an AirPrint compatible printer that prints fast and has a large capacity, you should definitely consider this great product from Brother. Engineered with the latest technology, this compact, yet highly diverse laser printer delivers class leading printing speeds of up to 32 pages per minute. The 250 sheet paper capacity allows busy business owners to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Best AirPrint Printer for Photos

This is the perfect AirPrint printer for anyone who wants high-quality photo prints at a very affordable price. From stunning photographs to detailed documents, put the 5-color individual ink system to work and never compromise on speed or quality. It is completely wireless, and will print with Apple AirPrint, Canon Print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, and Wireless PictBridge. Fast photo printing speed of 26 seconds per image.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About AirPrint Printers

We have already showed you the four best AirPrint printers currently available on the market. However, before making your purchase it is a sensible idea to have a general understanding of how this technology works and the different features it offers. In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about AirPrint printers – so you that your can make you purchase with confidence.


One of the main advantages of AirPrint printers, is the ability to print photos without the need of any software.
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What are AirPrint printers?

Andy Warhol used to say that machines have an easier life, well now their life is even easier with integrated wireless technology. Being able to perform all the same functions, without any loss of performance and without the need of cables is a massive bonus. This is what AirPrint printers offer us, which contrary to what you may think, are not a brand of printers but merely printers that incorporate this type of technology.

AirPrint technology, allows you to print photographs, images and documents of all kinds without the need to install additional software or the hassle of annoying cables. Not surprisingly, this technology functions with iOS devices, since it was developed by Apple.


Remember that if you want to print from your Samsung Galaxy, you will not be able to use AirPrint technology.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AirPrint printers?

If you own an iOS device, such as an iPhone, it is likely that you are looking for an AirPrint printer for all your printing tasks. It’s a good idea to store photos on a cloud or on some of the popular social networks platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. However, none of these options is totally exempt from potential issues. In order for you to determine if AirPrint is something that could be of benefit to you, we have prepared the following table with the main advantages and disadvantages of this technology.


  • AirPrint technology is ideal for small businesses or executives who are often on the move. It allows you to print tickets, photographs and even emails quickly and securely. This is all done very easily, simply by using your iOS device.
  • You can be free of annoying cables and all their inherent issues: wear, tangles and even possible accidents if you happen to trip over them. If you have a pet, the advantages are multiplied, as you won’t need to worry about the printer failing due to your furry friend sneakily chewing on the cables.
  • The best AirPrint printers allow you to start printing immediately, without needing to download additional software or to install a specific driver on your device. This makes setting the printer up a much easier process, with less chance of something going wrong.
  • Getting started is not only faster, but also much more simple. To start printing documents or images of any kind, you do not have to try and understand complex instructions. This is because iOS devices automatically detect printers with AirPrint technology via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Printing is done in the background, meaning that you don’t have to wait. Queue a document to print, and then you can continue browsing the internet, or even make some calls.


  • Not all printers currently available on the market incorporate AirPrint technology.
  • This system is exclusively for Apple devices, if you do not own an iOS device it is definitely not suitable for you.

What is Scan to Cloud technology?

Scan-to-Cloud technology is incorporated into AirPrint printers manufactured by Epson. It is a system they have developed that allows you to scan and send a file via email, or upload it to some kind of online storage platform (such as DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive or Epson Connect) directly from the printer itself. To use this technology available on Epson’s top AirPrint printers, you must follow these steps:

  • Connect your Epson printer to your network.
  • If you have not already signed up to Epson Connect, visit the page to create an account and register your printer.
  • Log in to your account using the email and password you registered with.
  • Select the printer model you have registered, click on “Scan-to-Cloud” and then on “List of destinations”.
  • Now you need to add ll the recipients to the list that you have created using the Epson Connect platform.
  • The next time you use Scan-to-Cloud, you can now scan and send the files automatically.

What is the Email Print feature offered by AirPrint printers?

Email Print technology is also included in Epson’s best models of AirPrint compatible printers. Epson focuses on the development of various technologies aimed at making the printing process easier, whether in a business or domestic environment. Their Email Print and Scan-to-Cloud technologies are two great features, but are not the only exciting developments this company has incorporated into their best printers.

Email Print allows you to print from any device that is capable of sending emails. Whether that is a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. To use feature, you just have to activate an email address that is linked to the Epson printer that incorporates this technology. Whenever you want to print a copy of an email, you just need to send the file to the printer.

Carol BurnettActress

“I love the writing. I love the idea of typing and seeing it on the computer and printing it out myself and, you know, moving sentences around. I like that”.

How can I print from my iOS device with an AirPrint printer?

The first and most crucial step to using your printer’s AirPrint technology is to have a device with an iOS operating system. Otherwise, you can still print wirelessly, but you will need to use another type of technology. Even if you do not currently own an iOS device, it is still a good idea to consider purchasing a printer with AirPrint technology, on the chance that you buy an Apple device in the future.

Next you need to check that your iOS device and the printer you have purchased are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then simply open the application on your iOS device from which you want to print, and select the printing option. If you have trouble making a connection, consult the help section of the application’s manual.

Once you have established the connection, and everything is up and running, you can start having fun printing your photographs and other documents. Just select the available AirPrint printer and choose the number of copies and the pages you want to print. To start printing, click on the icon in the upper right corner.


AirPrint technology is recommended for small businesses.
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Buyer’s Guide

Now that you are aware that AirPrint printers are not a type of hardware, but are a type printing technology, it is time to make your purchase. As not all models available on the market are the same, you need to find the one that best suits your needs. In order to make you decision easier, in this section we detail the five most important criteria to keep in mind when buying an AirPrint printer:

Additional Technologies

AirPrint is not the only useful technology found in the best printers these days, and some models offer additional technologies. Epson, for example, provides other useful options such as Scan-to-Cloud.

Woman hand catching a document from a printer

AirPrint printers will free your life from cables.
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Reason for Buying

Choosing the best AirPrint printer for you will depend upon how you plan to use it. Each model offers different features that would appeal to different users. Are you buying a new printer to mainly print photos? Or will you only be printing text documents? Or perhaps you have started a new business as a freelancer and need to print wirelessly? Your investment in your new office tool should be based upon your own individual needs.

Printing Speed

Not all printers are capable of printing at the same speed. Printing speed is most commonly calculated in the number of pages per minute. This figure will vary depending on whether you are printing in black and white or in color. The best AirPrint printers currently available on the market can print at a speed of around 18-30 pages per minute. If printing speed is important for you, be sure to check this specification before making your purchase.

Printing Capacity

If you want an AirPrint printer for your new startup or to use in a busy office, you may require a printer with a large capacity. However, if you are only going to be printing photographs occasionally, then this is not something you need to worry about. It is a good idea to know which type of cartridges are compatible with your new printer, and to have a backup supply stored in your home or office.

all-in-one printer, scanner, copier

One of the advantages of AirPrint technology is that it enables printing to be done in the background.
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Assured Compatibility

This may seem a little obvious, but if you are in a hurry you could accidentally select a model that is incompatible with AirPrint technology. Remember that not all of the latest models of printers offer this technology. Also don’t forget that it will only be compatible with iOS devices, which will be useless if you own an Andriod phone or tablet.


Technology continues to make big advances and the cable seems destined to be an obsolete technology in the near future. With an AirPrint printer you can print any type of document, including photos, wirelessly. It is also the most user-friendly method of printing, which can be done quickly and easily simply by using your tablet or phone.

AirPrint technology is not compatible with all devices, and will only work with iOS tablets, phones and computers. AirPrint was designed by Apple to be used with their products. The biggest manufactures of printers integrate this technology in their printers to make life easier for fans of the tech giant founded by Steve Jobs. Remember to think about what features are important to you, before choosing a particular model of printer.

We hope this article has been helpful, and you are now confident about purchasing an AirPrint printer. Please be sure to leave us a comment below, and share this shopping guide with all of your friends and family!

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