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You should only have your attention on one thing while driving: the road. But that does not mean that you have to disconnect completely from your life, especially when you spend long periods at the wheel.  Technology nowadays allows you to enjoy conversations with your dearest or stay on top of things at work while being miles away in your car.

Bluetooth car kits are the perfect tool to keep in touch with your life while driving. They allow you to make and receive calls without having to move your hands from the steering wheel or look away from the road, simply by connecting the kit to your mobile phone.

Key Facts

  • The battery can be a decisive factor if you take long road trips or you may not have access to electricity to recharge your Bluetooth car kit. Those with the longest battery life have up to 20 hours of use, with up to 400 hours of standby operation, and that after only 2 hours of charging.
  • The type of Bluetooth varies. Although the market is already starting to offer Bluetooth 5.0, the 4.2 model is the most common in this type of car kit, since it guarantees connectivity with more electronic devices as well as being a reliable version to guarantee high-quality calls. Also note that it has a memory function.
  • Make sure that the type of Bluetooth you buy is legal. Neither those that work with headphones nor those that force you to touch your cell phone are allowed while driving. The three most common types are: car kits, car stereos and laptops. Watch that your chosen mode is among these.

Our Selection: The Best Bluetooth Car Kits on the U.S. Market

Technology is constantly changing and developing, and so brands are always launching new products to meet the needs of their clients. Here are four of the best products available depending on your preferences.

Best Motion Detector Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bluetooth car kit is motion sensor-enabled, allowing you to turn your device to ‘auto power on’ so the device Turns itself on when your car door opens and off when the Bluetooth Disconnects. This means you’ll be ready to go as soon as you’re in the car, and don’t need to worry about forgetting to connect your device, making sure you can focus on the road!

Best Value Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bluetooth car kit has all the features you’re looking for with a very reasonable price tag. With built-in speakers, echo and background noise-reduction feature, and volume controls, your calls will be crystal clear no matter where you are! This kit has up to 20 hours talk time and 60 days standby time, so you won’t need to worry about running out of battery.

Best Quick Clip-On Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bluetooth car kit has a great quick clip-on function that you can easily clip to your sun visor. This is generally the best place to put your car kit for clear call quality. This Bluetooth car kit also has a multi-point function, meaning you can connect two phones with automatic pairing.

Best Multi-Function Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bluetooth Car Kit not only has the normal hands-free call function, but is also great for playing music. You can insert a USB or SD card with your favorite music, letting you enjoy great, clear stereo sound in the car.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Bluetooth Car Kits

As you have seen through in our selection, finding the best Bluetooth car kit on the market is more complex than it seems at first glance. There are a variety of designs, options and operating systems offered which may lead to questions. This shopping guide will solve some of the most frequent ones.


Although many of the models are designed exclusively for cars, it is possible to use them in other kinds of vehicles.
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What is a Bluetooth car kit and what is it used for?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that works over short distances. You only have to pair it through a simple configuration process that, thanks to the memory function of most devices, is only necessary the first time you connect two devices. Afterwards, data will transmit every time the devices are in range of one another.

Through this data connection, you can take advantage of the functions of your mobile phone in the car’s sound system. It will allow you to listen to music, use the GPS or, above all, make and receive calls. Bluetooth always works within a certain range.

Why do I need a Bluetooth car kit? Things to keep in mind
Take full advantage of the functionalities of different technological devices inside the car, especially for making calls. Check the connections, to make sure they don’t interfere with the car’s electrical systems.
Combine the functionality of calls and music, especially for older cars that do not have these functions yet, in one single instrument. There can be interference in calls if you do not put it in a suitable place.
Maximize attention in driving thanks to its usability. Always follow road traffic laws.
They are lightweight and ergonomic devices, easy to transport and adaptable to the designs of different cars.
It is a well-developed product and offers excellent value for money.

Can Bluetooth car kits be used with all types of cars?

Some of today’s cars already have their own car kit systems, as well as on-board computers with sophisticated options. These systems will meet most of your needs so you will not need to use your mobile phone. In such cases, a Bluetooth car kit may not really be necessary.

However, cars of a certain age do not offer these possibilities. Here, a Bluetooth car kit is an extra that will improve your safety while driving and will give you the pleasure of listening to your favorite music and, above all, will keep you connected with your daily chores despite being on the road.

Are Bluetooth car kits specific to certain models of vehicles?

Although many of these models are designed exclusively for cars, it is possible to use them in other motor vehicles. Keep in mind that the echo removal systems or background sounds are maximized in small-sized spaces and their performance may suffer in larger cabins such as trucks.

As for motorcycles or scooters, there are also car kit devices designed to be integrated into your helmet. They can be connected to your phone, or with another helmet so you can talk to your passenger. However, these are generally discouraged and considered unsafe, so we have not included them in Our Selection.

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What should you look for when using a Bluetooth car kit?

  • Handling: Although they are very simple and often include voice recognition for both receiving and making calls, they sometimes require you to touch some buttons, which can distract you from driving. Therefore, we advise you to turn it on and synchronize just before your start of a trip, so that you can concentrate on the road.
  • Annoying sounds: The most common annoyance is echoes produced by the operation and movement of the car. It is better to install the car kit at a point near your head, such as the visor or the roof of the vehicle. In addition, technical improvements such as microphones with noise cancellation technology like cVc help to eliminate such annoying sounds for your caller.
  • Battery: the capacity of the batteries for these devices covers most of the routes you will make. However, and since they have no screen, it is not always easy to see when they are running low. Therefore, charge them regularly and keep an eye on indicator lights. This will prevent you from running out of service along the way.
  • Memory function: In most cases, the modern Bluetooth car kits connect automatically with the devices that are logged in its memory. Some of the devices included in Our Selection allow up to two simultaneous connections, but if you share the car or carry several phones, make sure that you have the correct one linked to your system.

It is a good idea to turn on and synchronize the device before you start your journey, so that you can concentrate on driving.
(Source: Dan Gold: kARZuSYMfrA/ Unsplash.com)

How is Bluetooth car kit different from a car transmitter?

A Bluetooth car kit receiver is not the same as a Bluetooth car transmitter. The latter are usually connected to the car’s cigarette lighter and provide Bluetooth to another device that does not have that function, such as a USB memory device.

These are generally designed for functions other than making calls (though they may also have this option), such as listening to music. They usually connect to the car’s sound system in order to take advantage of the benefits of both devices.

Where should I put my Bluetooth car kit?

Most of these devices are sold with different attachment options such as washers, tweezers, magnets or even velcro. They are designed so that you can place them in the most convenient position so they are within reach and at your fingertips, allowing you to make adjustments such as to the volume.

They can be placed on the dashboard or in the center console (for example, next to the handbrake or gearshift), but generally one of the best places to put them is attached to your sun visor. Here they’ll be able to capture you voice perfectly, unless you’re driving a convertible!

Shopping Criteria

At this point, we hope to have resolved any doubts you had about the best Bluetooth car kits of 2019. Now let’s turn to the criteria to consider in order to buy the one that best suits your needs and those of your vehicle:


We talked above about the place in your car where you may want to place your Bluetooth car kit. To do this properly, it will be important that you look at the different attachment methods available in different models. The device you choose may have a clamp on its back, attach like a pendant, or work using velcro or magnets.


Bluetooth car kits are light and economical devices, easy to transport and adaptable to different cars.
(Source: Why Kei: 8e2gal_GIE8/ Unsplash.com)

Bluetooth Version

Although the market already offers Bluetooth 5.0 as one of its most advanced versions, this is often not compatible with many devices, which will make it difficult to use. Therefore, we recommend that you go for Bluetooth 4.2, which is a more accessible version and ensures compatibility with older devices without impacting on its very high performance.

Sound Quality

As is often the case, the quality varies greatly between the different devices and brands of Bluetooth car kits. You will especially note this when it comes to the clarity of calls: there is a big difference in call clarity between devices which incorporate a CVC or DSP system.


As mentioned above, devices that require you to touch them in order to make a call are illegal. On the other hand, they often include screens so you can more easily alter its settings. These devices usually also have other functions or are designed to play music. The most common size is 1.44 inches.


Safety when driving is critical. However, this doesn’t mean that your drive needs to be boring or stop you from taking calls and dealing with issues that may come up. Whether you are a courier, delivery driver, taxi driver, or simply someone who spends a lot of time on the road, Bluetooth car kits can be a great help.

Manufacturers have responded to this need by producing a range of different Bluetooth car kits, all with different prices and various accessories. The most important thing to do is to thoroughly consider what you need and you are going to use it for.

We hope you found this guide interesting and that it was helpful to you. If so, we would appreciate it if you leave us a comment or share it with your friends!

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