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We live in a technological world where most people use their cellphones continually throughout the day. Adding to the fact that cellphones offer amazing functionalities that can simplify your life, their use is becoming increasingly popular. However, in some situation using these devices can be dangerous, such as while driving.

In some countries, it is illegal to hold a cellphone while driving as it is considered dangerous and has been proven to increase the likelihood of an accident. This is why cellphone holders have long been popular accessories in cars, to avoid the handling of your cellphone while driving. As cellphones are so advanced these days, it is easy to control them wirelessly, via Bluetooth or a voice assistance app, such as Siri. To find out everything about cellphone car holders, keep reading the following guide.

Key Facts

  • A cellphone car holder is a small portable accessory that is used to hold your cellphone inside a vehicle. They are often anchored to the dashboard or attached to the windscreen with a suction cup.
  • There are cellphone car holders for different types of drivers, depending on their physical characteristics or their driving habits. Some cellphone holders that are fixed in position while other supports allow for angle changes or different placements.
  • There are cellphone car holders for certain cellphone models, depending on the size of the cell and the location of the buttons. However, generally speaking, cellphone car holders are usually universal and will serve all modern smartphones.

Our Selection: The Best Cellphone Car Holders on the U.S. Market

In the following section, we present the best cellphone car holder models currently available on the market. We have selected these products based on their value for money, their features and customer feedback. We hope you enjoy reading this list and find a product that you like!

Best Cellphone Car Holder Under $13

This cellphone car holder from AUKEY is one of the best-valued products on Amazon, and it is easy to see why. This holder secures to the air vent in your car to keep your cell or GPS safe and close by. The holder is padded with soft silicone to ensure smooth contact with your device and to prevent scratches. The holder spin 360 degrees so that you can orient your cell however you like.

Best Cellphone Car Holder Between $13 and $20

Without a doubt, this is one of the most sold cellphone car holders on Amazon USA. The sturdy, cradle-less and attractive cellphone car holder from Beam Electronics is suitable for cellphones or electronic devices with a width of 1.9 inches to 3.7 inches. This holder clips to your air vent to ensure that your windshield view is never obstructed.

Best Cellphone Car Holder Above $20

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Mount is a universal smartphone solution that is engineered to safely enhance your driving experience. You can securely mount this cellphone car holder on your dashboard or windshield thanks to the super-strong suction cup. This model is universally compatible with all smartphone sizes and is guaranteed to hold your device securely so you can drive safely.

Best Reviewed Cellphone Car Holder

With over 17,000 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.5 stars, this cellphone car holder is by far one of the highest-rated products available. With a slightly different design to the products listed above, the Mpow cellphone car holder slots into your CD slot to position your cell in a much more convenient place than the dashboard mounted solutions. For an excellent option that has made so many other customers happy, take a close look at the option from Mpow.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cellphone Car Holders

We will now address the main features of cellphone car holders, so that you learn everything there is to know about these products. By reading the following section you’ll become an expert in cellphone car holders and be able to easily select a model that best suits your needs.

girl driving a car with her celphone in her hands

By purchasing a cellphone car holder you will never need to hold your cell in your hand again whilst driving.
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What is a cellphone car holder exactly?

A cellphone car holder is a car accessory that supports a cellphone or another device of similar dimensions so that it can be safely used inside a vehicle while driving. A cellphone car holder is usually a small plastic mount with a dashboard or windscreen attachment on which a cellphone is placed.

Why is it important to buy a cellphone car holder?

Cellphone car holders have two important functions: they allow you to position your cell in a visible position to use while driving and they also considerably reduce the risk of being involved in an accident whilst driving. The number of accidents and victims in car accidents that are caused by the distraction of a cellphone increases every year, resulting in some U.S. states bringing in laws to prohibit holding your cellphone while driving.

For these two reasons, a cellphone car holder not only serves to make using your cell easier whilst driving but also contributes to significantly improving road safety and reducing the chances of accidents or receiving a traffic ticket.

cellphone support

Cellphone car holders are ideal for those people who spend considerable time in their vehicle.
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How and where is the cellphone car holder placed inside the vehicle?

As you have seen in the list of the four best cellphone holders that are currently available on the market, the different models offer varied alternatives when it comes to placing the holder inside the vehicle. The most popular, and one of the first-ever designs, is the suction cup, which sticks to the windscreen. The advantage of this model is that the screen of the cellphone is positioned at the level of the driver’s eyes.

There is also the option of attaching a cellphone car holder to the dashboard, using a similar suction design or specially designed clips. The benefit of this type is that the cell and the holder do not occupy a portion of the windscreen. Finally, there are models that are clipped to the vehicle’s air-conditioning ventilation slots, which means they are usually below the natural eye-line of the driver.

Did you know that using a cellphone car holder is mandatory in most U.S states? The reason for this is that highway codes prohibit the handling of a cell while driving.

What materials are used to make cellphone car holders?

The materials used to make the holders varies depending on the model, and of course, the price. The most common material used is plastic, as it is cheap, lightweight, and easy to manufacture. Other materials that are less commonly used include carbon fiber and stainless steel. The low price of the majority of cellphone car holders has a lot to do with the material of the product, being cheap plastic.

a couple looking for an address

Before choosing a specific model, you should take note of the dimensions of your cellphone.
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Are cellphone car holders suitable for anything else?

Actually, yes! The two most common alternative uses for cellphone car holders are improving the ventilation to the cell to avoid overheating and to conveniently charge the battery of the cellphone. As you can see, a cellphone car holder can be used for more than you may have originally thought.

Is the size of the holder important?

Before choosing a specific holder you must take note of the size of your mobile, in order to purchase a model that works for you. Many holders on the market are universal and can be used by any cellphone and some even fit other types of electronic devices, such as GPS’s. Ensure that you read the product description closely in order to determine the size of the holder.

Are there any disadvantages to owning a cellphone car holder?

As with any product that you purchase, it is recommended to asses the drawbacks of the product. When it comes to a cellphone car holder, we strongly believe that the benefits clearly outway the drawbacks of the product. To see the main advantages and disadvantages of buying a cellphone car holder, take a look at the following table:

  • Simple design and assembly
  • Economically priced
  • Increases safety at the wheel
  • Allows you to continue to use your cell while driving.
  • You may avoid receiving an expensive ticket.
  • It occupies space inside the car.
  • The holder may not match the color of your car interior.

What do the authorities say about the cellphone car holders?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been calling for a complete ban on talking and texting while driving, even baning hands-free devices. This, however, has not happened yet. Almost all states have banned texting while driving and in many states, young drivers (generally under 18) are unable to use their cell at all while driving.

In order to avoid receiving an expensive ticket, or even worse, causing an accident, the use of a cellphone car holder is highly recommended by authorities in the U.S. To find out how to pick the model that is just right for you, make sure you keep reading our Buyer’s Guide below.

Shopping Criteria

Once you’ve decided that you need to buy a cellphone car holder, it is time to finalize the nitty-gritty details of the purchase. To help you with this process we have created a small buyer’s guide to assess a number of areas that we believe are important for making the final decision. As you have seen, not all cellphone car holders are the same, so it is important to make an informed decision in order to find the right product.

Below we have listed the criteria to assess when comparing the options available on the market.


The first aspect that we will review in this section is the aesthetics of the product. Earlier on in the guide, we pointed out that one of the disadvantages of cellphone car holders is they may not suit the interior design of your car and therefore become an eyesore. To avoid this from happening, you must take into account the color of the upholstery and dashboard as well as the material from which they are made.

Many car dashboards today are lined with leather, which creates different textures and contrasts. The seats are also often lined with leather or other materials that create a stylish interior look inside your car. So that you don’t ruin the overall appeal of the inside of your vehicle and purchase a cellphone car holder that stands out for the wrong reasons, consider the materials and color of the product before making a purchase.

turning on the phone

Cellphone car holders make using your cell while driving and absolute breeze.
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When assessing the functionality of the cellphone holder, the intended use within your vehicle must be taken into account. If you only want a holder that securely keeps your cell in place and takes it out of your hand, then any of the basic models on the market will do. However, if you are looking for a product that will also serve as a charging base for the phone, you must look for models that provide this function.


If you want a product that lasts a long time then you will need to make a larger investment. The cheapest models on the market, often made of low-quality plastics, will quickly lose their color – especially if they are exposed to the sun on the windscreen or dashboard – and they will be much more likely to break when you handle them.

Cellphone car holders that are made of more resistant plastics will better withstand the daily rigors of placing and removing your cellphone. You will also find that the color of the plastic will be far more resistant to the sun as will the shape of the holder. You may also consider cellphone car holders that are made of stainless steel or carbon fiber, as they provide even more durability and strength. Of course, products made from these materials will cost considerably more.

Driver Profile

Another key aspect to evaluate before making a final decision is regarding the person behind the wheel of the car. Among other things, physical characteristics and driving habits are necessary to evaluate in order to find the perfect product that you will be 100% satisfied with. If you are a tall person, we recommend opting for cellphone car holders that can be placed on the windscreen or dashboard so that you will avoid uncomfortable neck positions or postures.

When it comes to driving style or habits, those of you that work out of your vehicle, whether it be as a taxi driver, Uber driver, freight courier or truck driver, must choose a holder that can be adapted to your specific needs. If the primary use of your cellphone car holder is for the map applications, being able to place your cell in a horizontal position may be useful.


The last criteria to consider refers to the compatibility of the cellphone car holder with your cellphone model. Depending on the size of your device, you will need to choose a holder that is big enough to fit your cell. When reviewing universal models that can change in size, ensure that your cell will easily fit without issues. It is even better if the product description lists your cell as a compatible model.

The compatibility aspect is reasonably important, as nowadays people change their cellphone so often. Consumers are always looking for cellphones with the latest technology, best features, and slickest design, that upgrading every few months is considered totally normal. However, if you change your cell and the new one does not fit inside the car holder you just purchased, you’ll probably be pretty annoyed.


Throughout this guide you have read about the main features, benefits, drawbacks, materials, and purchase criteria to consider when it comes to cellphone car holders. Now, the final decision is up to you. You should now have enough information to be able to choose a product that you will be well and truly happy with and that will serve you for many years to come. As we always say, the best purchases are always those that involve a reasonable level of research, analysis, and comparison between all the options.

Finally, we would once again like to highlight the importance of cellphone car holders for preventing accidents and improving road safety. Using one of these accessories is highly recommended for those who use their car as a means of income and for those drivers who make calls or use map applications while driving.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this guide on cellphone car holders. Please help us by commenting below and sharing this guide on your social networks. Thank you!

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