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A feature that many people miss when it comes to using an iPad or tablet is a physical keyboard. Purchasing a keyboard that is iPad compatible is one of the best ways to extend the usefulness and functionality of your iPad. There are a variety of keyboard models available on the market with different advantages and disadvantages. Stand-alone and integrated keyboards in a protective case are the most popular types for use with an iPad.

An iPad keyboard is always lightweight and small, so you can take it anywhere with your iPad. From a price standpoint, they are usually inexpensive, depending on the brand and model. However, not all iPad keyboards are the same, which is why it’s important to understand a little bit about these products in order to make a good decision.

Key Facts

  • The two main ways of connecting a keyboard to an iPad are via Bluetooth and a USB port. Bluetooth offers the benefit of being completely wireless.
  • There are two main types of iPad keyboards on the market, those which are integrated into a protective iPad cover and completely separate keyboards. The keyboards in a cover help protect your iPad if it is accidentally dropped. The stand-alone keyboards are compatible with all different iPad models and even with other types of devices.
  • Before selecting an iPad keyboard, you should think about how you’re going to use it in order to make the best possible decision. Asking yourself a few questions such as what type of keyboard you need, what connection type best suits you, and how long the battery lasts will help you purchase a suitable product.

Our Selection of the Best iPad Keyboards on the U.S. Market

Below we have created a list of the four best iPad keyboards currently available on the market. We’ve prepared this list by only including items that offer great value for money. Take a close look below as we are very confident that your next iPad keyboard is on this list.

Best Stand-Alone iPad Keyboard

The Arteck wireless keyboard is fully compatible with all four major operating systems: iOS / Android / MacOS / Windows, and features system-specific function keys for each operating system. This stand-alone keyboard uses Bluetooth to easily pair with your iPad and removes the need for annoying cables or USB connections. The sleek, ultra-slim design that weight just 0.37lb, makes this wireless keyboard extremely portable and the perfect travel accessory.

Best Apple iPad Keyboard

When buying products to complement an Apple device, there is no safer bet than buying another Apple product. Buying an Apple brand iPad keyboard will ensure that the keyboard works perfectly with your iPad and is able to utilize all the Apple functions. What’s more, when you purchase an Apple product you know that you are buying the best-made product on the market. For simplicity, functionality, and quality, look no further than the Apple integrated iPad keyboard.

The most popular product on the market is made by electronics manufacturer OMOTON. This is a stand-alone, ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard that has the ability to transform your iPad into a far more valuable device. With an extremely long battery life of up to 30 days and an automatic sleep mode to save battery, the OMOTON uses 2xAAA batteries that can easily be replaced in an instant. OMOTON also provides you friendly customer service and a worry-free 1-year warranty.

Best Integrated iPad Keyboard

The YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case takes mobile computing to a new level. With this fantastic product you can enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere you take your iPad. The slim design and backlit keys make it so simple to use anywhere, anytime. The protective case helps to keep your iPad safe from bumps, scratches, and spills that are an inevitability. For one of the best iPad keyboards on the market that is very well-priced, look no further than the YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About iPad Keyboards

When purchasing an iPad keyboard, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. There are different iPad keyboard models, each offering different features and as a result, different benefits. For this reason, we dedicate the following section to explaining everything about iPad keyboards, so that you can purchase the model that best suits you.

iPad keyboards are small, lightweight and easy to carry.
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What exactly are iPad keyboards?

Keyboards, in general, are alphanumeric data entry devices that use a system of keys to enter information into a computer or tablet. Keyboards are actually based on the old typewriters, however, they are of course digital. When it comes to iPad keyboards, they are lightweight devices that connect to an iPad via a USB port or a Bluetooth connection to perform the same function as traditional keyboards.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of iPad keyboards?

Connecting a keyboard to your Apple iPad gives you the ability to turn your iPad into a laptop and make it more suitable for tasks such as document writing. There’s no argument to say that an iPad can completely replace a computer, but with a specially designed keyboard, an iPad can come very close to performing all the functions that a computer or laptop does.

What’s more, iPad keyboards don’t require configuration, adapters, and are ready to use straight away. Since they’re so lightweight and portable, you can carry them easily, just as you would your iPad. The majority of iPad keyboards are small and therefore don’t have the special keys or a numeric keypad, that can be found on a traditional computer keyboard, which may be a disadvantage for some users. Below you can see all the advantages and disadvantages of iPad keyboards.

  • Lightweight and very thin
  • Very easy to transport
  • Makes it much easier to take notes, write e-mails or write texts
  • No configuration required
  • Most iPad keyboards do not have the special keys found on traditional keyboards
  • Most models do not feature a numeric keypad

Is an iPad keyboard worth buying?

If you want to get the most out of your iPad, purchasing a specialized keyboard is one of the best ways to do this. They’re particularly useful for students who want to use their iPad to take notes or do work at school or university. For professionals who use an iPad as a working device, a compatible keyboard can turn your iPad into a mobile laptop and allow you to work efficiently wherever you are.

iPad keyboards offer uses for all types of industries and are a very flexible working tool that you can use to improve your efficiency. There are many iPad keyboard models that are also compatible with other types of devices, so it’s possible to get more out of the keyboard than just using it with your iPad. If you have other Apple devices, you can often use an iPad keyboard with these devices. All this is possible, without a large economic investment.

There are two types of keyboards: with a cover and a separate keyboard.
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What types of iPad keyboards are there?

In general, there are two main types of iPad keyboards. Firstly, there are keyboards that are integrated into a protective sleeve that usually clips onto your iPad and fold over the screen when you pack it away. The main disadvantage of this type is that each keyboard is designed for a specific iPad model, so upgrading to a new iPad often means that the keyboard is useless. However, a major benefit is that they protect your iPad from blows or accidents that can easily occur.

The second type of iPad keyboard is a completely separate keyboard. Separate keyboards are compatible with many more iPad models and even other types of devices. This makes them much more versatile and reusable. To learn about the characteristics of each keyboard type and their advantages and disadvantages, take a close look at the following chart.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Integrated keyboard Protects your iPad from accidents such as bumps and drops As not all iPads are the same size, you need a specific one for each model
Stand-alone keyboard Can be used with different iPad models They do not fold up with your iPad to protect it and are slightly bulky to carry

Shopping Criteria

When purchasing a new iPad keyboard, it is very important to consider a few aspects so that you can make the best possible choice. To help you through your product selection process, we’ve selected the shopping criteria that we consider to be the most important. Take a close look at the following section to help you determine the iPad keyboard best suits your needs.

Intended Use

Before you start thinking about any features or the aesthetics of an iPad keyboard, you need to be clear about how you’re going to use the keyboard. If you think that you’ll usually use it in a fixed location, you should opt for keyboards such as the Apple Magic Keyboard, as this offers almost all the features of a full-size computer keyboard. It is also compatible with other Apple devices, such as an Apple Mac.

If you’re planning on taking your iPad with you on the road, a small, lightweight keyboard is a better option. This is so that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go, without it becoming annoying. If you’re always going to use the keyboard with the same iPad model, an integrated keyboard is a great option. Integrated keyboards that attach to your iPad are definitely the most convenient option for someone who’s always on the move.

IPad keyboards are very stylish and lightweight.
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Keyboard Layout

To start with, it is important that you check that it is an English keyboard. As such, it is essential that it is a keyboard that utilizes the QWERTY key distribution, typical of the English language. Additionally, we recommend that you check that the keyboard includes some function keys and number keys.


The two connection methods you’ll find on iPad keyboards are via a USB port and Bluetooth. Buying a keyboard that uses Bluetooth has the advantage of a wireless connection and removes annoying cables. However, be aware that Bluetooth connection can sometimes be slow or disconnect for no reason.

An iPad keyboard with a USB port connection has the disadvantage of occupying the USB-C port on an iPad. When it comes to the price of the keyboard, there is usually no significant price difference between each connectivity option. Our advice is to choose an iPad keyboard that has a Bluetooth connection.

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery of an iPad keyboard, the first decision you need to make is whether you want to buy a keyboard with a rechargeable battery or one that uses disposable batteries or button cells. The keyboards with rechargeable batteries usually offer greater battery life than those that use disposable batteries. They are also better for the environment and there is no additional cost that exists with the disposable batteries option. Disposable batteries or button cells have the advantage that when you run out of batteries, you simply replace them with others without having to wait for the battery to recharge.


You should double-check, or even triple-check, that the keyboard you buy is compatible with the iPad model you own. If you choose a keyboard with a sleeve, you must make sure that the dimensions are exactly right. If not, you won’t be able to use the case to carry and protect your iPad, as it is intended to.

You may also be interested in purchasing a keyboard that is compatible with different iPhone models and Apple computers. If you want to get even more out of the one device, you can choose a keyboard that is also compatible with Android devices, such as Samsung, and even with computers running Windows or Linux.


Did you know the name QWERTY came up to prevent typewriter keys from colliding?  


When it comes to iPad keyboard brands, the first brand that comes to mind and the most reputable product is Apple itself. In addition to Apple, other manufacturers that guarantee high standards of quality are Logitech and Belkin.

Logitech is an electronics manufacturer that requires minimal presentation. It is one of the benchmark companies in the computer accessories market and continually produces innovative and high-quality products. Belkin, while not as well known, is another safe bet. This manufacturer stands out for offering well-built products and excellent technical support.


iPad keyboards offer a number of benefits, that allow you to turn your Apple iPad into a small laptop. In addition, many iPad keyboards are also compatible with other types of devices such as the iPhone or Android tablets. As the price of an iPad keyboard is relatively low, they are the perfect complement for your iPad.

Whatever the reason is that has made to decide to buy an iPad keyboard, the first thing you need to think about is how you’re going to use it. You must make sure that the keyboard layout is correct and that it is an English keyboard. Next, you need to decide if you’re interested in one that connects via USB or Bluetooth. Finally, the brand factor should be considered, whether you want an original Apple product or an imitation product.

If you feel that this guide has been useful to you in your selection process, you can leave us a comment or share it with your friends through your different social networks.

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