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Choosing the best PS4 game can be just as complex a task as finishing the most labyrinthine video game. Many new titles come out every year, but it’s unfortunately impossible to try them all. This is why we need to somehow sift through them. We know that this can be the most challenging of adventures.

Knowing which game genre you prefer is a step in the right direction to overcome this challenge. However, being surprised by a game you don’t know can sometimes be very pleasant. If you’re still a bit lost, fear not. We’ve set on a mission to help you choose the PS4 game you need, and everything you need to know is in this article.

Key Facts

  • The game genre you most like is key in completing your quest. Are you more into sports simulations or war games? Do you prefer third-person adventures with a mysterious plot? Or maybe you like quick and easy fun, like the typical kart racing games. In any case, the perfect game for you is out there, somewhere.
  • The storyline of a video game isn’t something to be left aside. We’re talking about the events that take place during the game. You can find spine-chilling horror stories full of nasty zombies, adventures in the Far West with outlaws and bandits, samurais wandering through ancient Japan… What is most appealing to you?
  • Certain video games are designed for single players, while others give you the possibility to play with more people. Knowing whether you prefer to play alone or with friends is another aspect that will help you find the right PS4 game for you.

Our Selection of the Best PS4 Games on the U.S. Market

We know that choosing the very best PlayStation4 game involves a great deal of subjectivity. That being said, some titles just stand out from the crowd. We want to answer the most frequently asked questions that arise when people are buying a new game for their Sony console. But first, we’ve selected some of the very best PS4 titles available on the market right now.

Best Super-Hero PS4 Game

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes ever created, courtesy of Marvel’s Stan Lee. Over twenty video games about the boy who was bitten by a spider have been made, but this one is considered a real masterpiece. This action-adventure game will have you fighting crime through the streets of New York City and shooting webs from one building to the next.

This open-world third-person game has a solid storyline, too, and we’re ready to bet that you’ll get sucked right into it. As you try to stop the super-human crime lord Dr. Negative from taking control of the city, you’ll face many of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, such as the Kingpin, Tombstone and Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin). Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB): Teen (T).

Best Fighting PS4 Game

If you’re more into classic fighting games, look no further. The original Mortal Kombatarcade game was released in 1992, and many have followed ever since. Mortal Kombat 11is the eleventh installment of the main series, and it received great reviews upon release. This 2.5D fighting game features 25 playable and customizable characters.

You may not have known that, but Mortal Kombatalso offers a compelling story that’s been running for over 25 years now. Pick your favorite character, learn all his or her unique abilities, and defeat everyone. If you’re a long-time Mortal Kombatfan, you’ll be glad to know that Baraka, Raiden, Skarlet, Scorpion and more are back. Entertainment Software Rating Board: Mature (M).

Best PS4 Game With an Amazing Storyline

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is widely considered to offer one of the greatest storylines in the history of video games, and we’re not here to claim the opposite. Odysseyis also the eleventh installment of the main series, and it’s pushed back the boundaries of open-world third-person video games so far back that Ubisoft has made the task difficult for all other developers.

In this title, you’ll be playing either as Alexios or Kassandra, two Greek sibling mercenaries who directly descend from Spartan king Leonidas I. Explore the immense world on your horse, on boats or free-running; defeat cult leaders, war heroes, and legendary creatures; fight epic battles where literally hundreds of soldiers are killing each other. What more do you need to know? Entertainment Software Rating Board: Mature (M).

Best Basketball PS4 Game

NBA 2Kis a basketball simulation franchise that releases a game annually since 1999. 2K19isn’t the latest one anymore since the release of 2K20, but it celebrated the 20th anniversary of the franchise, who went all out on it. It features new game modes, enhanced graphics, and playability that’s still unmatched to this day.

Take your customized player from street baller to superstar in the MyCAREER mode, or immerse yourself in the franchise’s unique Neighborhood open-world. If you’re not familiar with the 2Kgames, you should know that they also have a reputation for featuring an incredible soundtrack, and this installment is no different. Entertainment Software Rating Board: Everyone (E).

Best Open-World PS4 Game

Last but not least, this freshly released title will satisfy anyone looking for an intense, breath-taking open-world survival horror to play for days on end. This third-person game has you play a bounty hunter in post-apocalyptic Oregon, where you have to fight off hostile survivors and relentless creatures called Freakers in search of your wife.

If having hordes of zombies running after you in an incredibly beautiful scenery is what you’re looking for, Days Goneis for you. The captivating storyline, the strategy involved in your survival and your ability to create your own weapons from items picked up along the way all contribute to a fantastic gaming experience you won’t regret. Entertainment Software Rating Board: Mature (M).

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About PS4 Games

The world of video games is a broad and intricate one. On top of all the titles that are released each year, you also find expansion packs, online modes, remakes… How can you not feel at a loss when buying the best PS4 game for you? Well, you’re in luck. In the following section, we’ll answer some key questions that should help you in your endeavor.

The online mode is one of the greatest improvements in the history of video games.
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What is a DLC exactly?

The acronym DLC stands for DownLoadable Content. As its name implies, this additional content can be downloaded for your video game. This type of content will vary from game to game, and even from one DLC to another. You could get new characters, maps, gear, or weapons, among other things.

Do I need PlayStation Plus for my PS4 games?

PlayStation Plus is a Sony subscription service that costs between $5 and $9.99 per month. This is a requirement if you want to use the online multiplayer mode of any paid video game — unless you’re a PlayStation Now user, of course. In addition to playing online, PlayStation Plus allows you to download two free games every month.

Irme JeleVideo Game Developer

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What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now is another paid service offered by the Japanese multinational. In this case, PS Now gives you access to over 600 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games that you can play via streaming. You can also download each one of them for offline gaming as long as you have an active subscription. It will set you back $19.99 for one month, or $99.99 for a whole year.

The action genre is the most popular.
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What are survival horror PS4 games?

This subgenre of action video games has grown in popularity since the first time the term was coined upon the release of the first Resident Evilin 1996. Survival horror is a type of game in which the protagonist must survive in a terrifying environment. The whole Resident Evilfranchise, as well as The Last of Us, are some of the most popular games.

What does third-person mean?

Third-person refers to the player’s point-of-view in the video game. In this specific case, the gamer is able to see the whole body of the character, generally from the back. In this type of game, you can generally rotate the camera to see your surrounding environment. The third person is particularly common in adventure games and in the survival horror genre.

Some games include features and characteristics that are not suitable for all audiences.
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What is the online mode?

This gaming mode is one of the greatest improvements in the history of video games, and most titles now feature it. It allows you to play with people anywhere in the world. You can join games created by others or start one yourself. Don’t forget that you will need an internet connection and a subscription to PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now to enjoy this feature.

Shopping Criteria

Newer, more sophisticated video games are being developed around the world right now, as you’re reading our article. This industry is incredibly powerful and a force to be reckoned with financially. You simply can’t have every single video game out there, which is why there are several criteria that can help you choose the right one for you. We’ll now look at five of the most important aspects to consider when making your purchase:

Video Game Genre

You’ll be a big step closer to finding your PS4 game if you know exactly which genre you prefer. Many different types of games are available out there, and their content is rated in a similar way to the TV Parental Guidelines. Action games, for instance, are extremely popular and played by a large section of the gaming audience. Others prefer sports games or simulators, such as NBA 2K20or Fifa.

If I want… I should buy…
A whole lot of action and adventure: Games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice orDeath Stranding.
A title from the survival horror genre: Games likeResident Evil, Outlastor Days Gone.
To play sports games: Video games such asNBA 2K20, FIFA 20 or Everybody’s Golf VR.
A good first-person shooter (FPS): Titles like Call of Duty orMetro Exodus.


Some video games include features and characteristics that are not suitable for all audiences. On video game covers or on the PlayStation Store, you should be able to see for what age range each game is designed. Certain titles are not recommended for minors because of their violent or bloody content, or because of their sex scenes. Other games, on the other hand, are aimed at larger audiences.

Solo or Multiplayer

This is one key factor that you cannot overlook when looking for the best PS4 game for you. It’s quite simple: do you prefer to play alone or with other people? If you’re more of a lone wolf, then a game like Assassin’s Creed Odysseymay be right for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer to have fun with others, the Crash Team RacingNitro-Fueledremake will interest you.

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Knowing the level of difficulty of the game you want to buy is really quite crucial. Some players want something simple to have a good time and entertain themselves without having to pick their brains. Other games, on the other hand, prefer great challenges and elaborate games. In the latter case, a game like Sekiro, which we mentioned above, would be an excellent choice.


Many, many years ago, video games stopped being a simple screen on which we killed little space invaders. The efforts put into the plots have increased drastically over time. If you’re looking for intricate storylines, games like Assassin’s Creedor Red Dead Redemptionshould satisfy your every need. If this aspect doesn’t particularly interest you, you may want to opt for sports titles like the NBA 2Kfranchise.


Video games are one of the greatest pastimes of the 21st century. Nowadays, some people can even make a living from playing them. Either way, video games play a major role in the life of many people, whether it is for entertainment or business reasons. The offer for PS4 games is growing every day, which is why it is important to know how to choose the right title for you.

There’s something for every taste, so the first step to buying your PS4 game should be to determine which genre you prefer. You should then consider other criteria such as difficulty or whether you prefer to play alone or in multiplayer mode. Just like the hero of a survival horror game, let nothing stand in the way of your goal: finding the right game.

We hope that the tips and hints of our guide will lead you toward the best PS4 title for you. If that’s the case, feel free to share our article on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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