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The famous selfie stick has become a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of years, people using it all over the planet to snap photos of themselves in a variety of situations. Sometimes called a monopod or even a wand of Narcissus, this item has caused much controversy in recent times, with both fervent lovers and detractors.

In this article, we won’t be taking part in this public debate on whether the selfie stick is an expression of the age of narcissism, as various authors call our time. The reality is that this accessory can be very handy – and not only for our social media. With it, we can record our experiences, and even photography professionals have come to embrace it.

Key Facts

  • Despite the great controversy and criticism, selfie sticks are very useful elements for photography and social media.
  • Different types of selfie sticks are available out there. The main models according to their trigger mode are: basic, headphone jack, Bluetooth, and remote control (which also uses Bluetooth).
  • You will have to evaluate a series of critical criteria before making your purchase. These include the weight, size, type, design, or manufacturing materials of the selfie stick.

Our Selection: The Best Selfie Sticks on the U.S. Market

Due to the incredible popularity of this product these days, you will find thousands and thousands of different selfie sticks on the American market. As a matter of fact, you may even have noticed the variety of models sold on the street. We advise you to avoid buying these selfie sticks, as they tend to break after a short while. In the section below, we have selected the best models currently available out there:

Best Budget-Friendly Selfie Stick

Mpow’s compact selfie stick is Amazon’s Choice in the category thanks to its affordability and incredible value for money. Despite its low price, it has literally received thousands of positive reviews and high ratings. Weighing in at 4.2 ounces and measuring 7.1 inches when folded, you can take it with you anywhere. The 270-degree rotating head can hold most phones up to 3.3 inches wide. Bluetooth trigger mode and charging via Micro-USB.

Best Selfie Stick with Remote Control

Another Amazon’s Choice for sticks, the BlitzWolf Bluetooth selfie tripod is similar in size and weight to the model above. Its most attractive feature is the remote control that allows you to take photos from up to 30 feet away. In addition, the stick can be turned into a non-slip mini tripod for increased stability. Made from plastic and aluminum, this model is both light and durable. A full charge of 45 minutes allows you to take up to 50,000 photos.

Longest Selfie Stick

Featuring a remote control compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as a built-in tripod, Fugetek’s selfie stick has one characteristic that makes it stand out from the competition: its size. At 19 inches, its folded length is much higher than other models, but it is its size when extended that has attracted thousands of buyers. This selfie stick can, indeed, reach up to 51 inches to help you take the most natural photos.

Best Selfie Stick for Travelers

If you like to travel the world, explore new cities, and wander nature while documenting it all, this might just be the best selfie stick for you. It combines an incredibly compact size with the features you need to make your life easier. Weighing 4 ounces and measuring 7.9 inches folded, this selfie stick extends to 27 inches. In addition, it comes with a Bluetooth-enabled remote control and can turn into a tripod when you need it.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Selfie Sticks

With so many types of selfie sticks and so many manufacturers, it can be challenging to pick the right model for you, and you may get lost in this sea of models. In the following section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions by past buyers to help you choose the perfect selfie stick. Say cheers!

The selfie stick is an extensible device that allows you to take pictures of yourself.
(Source: Andy Falconer: lpmD2BCBP9Y/

Who invented the selfie stick?

The selfie stick was voted as one of the best inventions of 2014 by the Time magazine. However, the accessory is actually much older than this. The first documented photo using an extensible device dates back to 1925 and a couple named Arnold and Helen Hogg. Many years later, in 2005, the Canadian Wayne Fromm revived the selfie stick, calling it Quick Pod.

Initially, the invention was not successful, and it was even dubbed as useless in a 1995 book of Japanese inventions. It wasn’t until 2011 that it gained popularity in the United States, in parallel with the growth of social networks. This was when it adopted the name ‘selfie stick’.

What is a selfie stick exactly?

This extensible accessory extends to give you the possibility to take photos of yourself from a greater distance than the length of the arm allows. One of its ends features a support to place your cell phone or a camera, while the other end has a handle to hold the stick firmly without it slipping.

As you may have noticed from our selection of products above, most selfie sticks tend to measure from 23 to 32 inches when extended, while their weight oscillates between 5 and 9 ounces. The most common manufacturing materials are copper, aluminum, rubber, and plastic. Depending on the model you choose, they can come with other accessories, including tripods, remote controls, and chargers.

Para emparejar tu teléfono con el palo, activa la función bluetooth en tu dispositivo y selecciona el palo selfie. (Fuente: Samborskyi: 121959121/

What are selfie sticks useful for?

In spite of the considerable criticism they face from many, this compact gadget can be quite useful. It offers you more possibilities of angles to snap shots, while increasing the field of vision. Your photos will come out looking more natural since your arms won’t be in the frame, and the distance between the camera and you is greater.

In addition, a selfie stick allows you to take all the holiday photos you want without having to give your expensive smartphone to a stranger. Family pictures are another moment when you will find this accessory to be particularly helpful, as no one will be missing from them anymore. The selfie stick makes you the protagonist of all your photos and videos.

What types of selfie sticks are there?

As you know, several models are available on the market. They are organized into four different categories based on the type of trigger they feature. The basic stick is only an arm with no additional functionality, while others use the headphone jack as a trigger. The remaining two types will respectively integrate a trigger or come with a remote control. We have listed their main differences in the table below:

No connection system Headphone jack Integrated trigger (Bluetooth) External trigger (Bluetooth)
Manual or voice photo.

No battery consumption.

Most affordable models.

Practical for people less into technology.

No battery consumption.


You only need a headphone jack.

Not compatible with all phones.

More economical than remote controls.

Lower battery consumption.

No cables needed.

Pairing and setup can be challenging for some people.

More photo options.

Distance of 30 feet.

More options when adapting it.

How should I take care of my selfie stick?

Regardless of the model you opt for, there are various measures you can take to extend the life of your selfie stick as much as possible. While this accessory isn’t particularly sophisticated, we want to give you a series of tips to remember to take care of it. That way, it will continue to fulfill its role effectively.

First of all, you should always fold your selfie stick when not in use to prevent it from breaking. If your model works with a battery, make sure to turn it off so as not to waste energy unnecessarily. Do not exceed the maximum weight indicated on the phone holder. Also, you should not wet your accessory unless stated that it is submersible.

How should I use my selfie stick?

The first step is to attach your phone or camera, which must be screwed into the holder clockwise. If the selfie stick uses a clamp system, simply insert your phone into the holder and let the clamp do its job. Make sure that you adjust the size of the holder to match that of your phone. This way, you will prevent it from falling.

To pair your phone with the stick, activate the Bluetooth function on your device, and select the selfie stick. This easy process is exactly the same as when you are pairing two phones. If you don’t have a Bluetooth system, simply connect your cell phone to the stick’s cable. If it doesn’t feature a cable either, simply activate the timer and wait for the photo to be taken.

Shopping Criteria

Now that we have clarified all your doubts regarding selfie sticks, let’s have a look at the main purchasing criteria. As long as you take them into account, you will know how to choose the right model and be on your way to selfie stardom. A selfie stick will allow you to fully enjoy your travels and have fun taking pictures with your loved ones. Here are the aspects we will explore in the following section:

Size & Weight

Make sure that the size and weight of your selfie stick are comfortable for you, especially if you are taking it on a trip. Most of us prefer to travel as lightly as possible. When we visit a new city or country, we tend to walk several miles a day, which is why having a comfortable selfie stick will help you make the most of it.

The models we have presented in our selection do not vary very much in terms of weight and length. However, small differences can sometimes go a long way. You should also pay attention to the size of the stick when folded and unfolded. The former influences how easily you can carry it, while the latter determines the photo angles you can work with.

Most models on the market are compatible with virtually all phones using the major operating systems (Android and iOS).
(Source: Bowie15: 80463725/

Connection Type & System

It is important to know which trigger system is best for you. If you want a very simple selfie stick, you can purchase a basic model. That being said, we encourage you to go a step further. The more advanced selfie sticks allow you to take the photo exactly when you want without having to hold the pose for several seconds. Use the table found in the previous section of the article to choose the model that best suits your needs.

In addition, you may be interested in a selfie stick that can turn into a tripod as well.

This option is handy for taking photos from a fixed location as it offers improved stability. If you opt for a model that operates with a remote control, you can place yourself at a much greater distance and snap as many photos as you want!


This is a vital aspect that you cannot overlook. The vast majority of existing models on the market are compatible with any phone using the leading operating systems (Android and iOS). However, there have been cases of incompatibility with specific phones, or selfie sticks that do not work as well with certain models.

You don’t want to run into this problem after having bought your accessory, so make sure that your phone model is fully compatible with the selfie stick you want. In that regard, you can check the manufacturer’s website or read the reviews from past users who have the same phone as you. That way, you can buy your selfie stick in complete peace of mind.

Selfie sticks offer you more possibilities of angles to snap shots while increasing the field of vision.
(Source: Dolgachov: 57601259/

Fastening System

You may not think so at first, but this feature can truly make the difference between two selfie sticks. A good grip is essential to prevent all risks of breaking or losing your cell phone. First of all, make sure that the support of your selfie stick is compatible with the different measurements of your device.

Secondly, note that there are two types of clamp systems: plastic and metal. In the table below, you can find the main benefits and drawbacks of each. In both cases, check the degree of rotation of the clamp to see how much you can turn the accessory. This should vary between 180 and 360 degrees.

Plastic Metal
Features These are cases on which you fix your cell phone.

They support cell phones measuring between 3 and 6 inches.

A clamp holds your mobile phone.
Advantages More affordable.


More resistant.


Disadvantages They tend to wear out faster. You need to protect your cell phone to avoid damaging it.


We have now looked at various types of selfie sticks and the characteristics that differentiate them – from the connection system and accessories included, to the fastening system and ability to turn into a tripod. When it comes to aesthetics, most models have a similar black design. But you can also opt for another color!

Feel free to explore your options to choose a selfie stick with a little more personality. Nowadays, many brands offer models in various colors and designs, so don’t be afraid to stand out! This aspect is particularly important if your selfie stick is destined to become your new travel companion – from summer holidays to family walks.


As you now know, the selfie stick world is much greater than you might have imagined, and there is an incredible variety of models out there. This little accessory is much more useful than many people think at first. From group photos to landscapes, from artistic shots to the classic selfie, you will master photography.

You have to evaluate a series of key shopping criteria to choose the right selfie stick for you. As we mentioned throughout our article, these include your personal use, the trigger mode, manufacturing material, design, and weight and size of the device. We hope that our guide helped you find your way to the perfect selfie stick so that you can enjoy this handy gadget.

If you liked our article on selfie sticks, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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