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With the arrival of cell phones and other smart devices, it seemed that alarm clocks had lost their purpose in our everyday life. Since we have so many devices that can help us wake up, the question is: what else can alarm clocks offer us?

Luckily, alarm clocks are also evolving. You can now find a wide variety of smart models on the market, which also include many other useful functions for your daily life. In the following article, we will tell you everything there is to know about smart alarm clocks.

Key Facts

  • If you’re looking for a smart alarm clock to monitor your sleep, you will find models on the market whose functionalities specialize in analyzing sleep patterns. Some models integrate light, temperature, noise, or humidity sensors, among others.
  • If you want the most versatile complement to your bedside table, on the other hand, choose a model that combines sleep and multimedia features. You can find smart alarm clocks for all needs in the following section of our shopping guide.
  • There is a fine line between a smart alarm clock and a smart speaker, both having the ability to operate as virtual assistants. Make sure you know what your personal needs are and choose a model and design according to them.

Our Selection: The Best Smart Alarm Clocks on the U.S. Market

Finding the perfect alarm clock can be a real challenge since there are so many models, features, and prices out there. If you’re swimming in an ocean of doubts in search of the right product, don’t worry. We have selected the best smart alarm clocks on the market and detailed their main characteristics and functionalities in the section below.

Best-Selling Smart Alarm Clock

The Helmvision Sunrise alarm clock is ideal for those who like to wake up naturally. This Amazon Best Seller starts with warm red light to mimic the sunrise that gradually morphs into white light, giving you time to adjust and wake up more comfortably. You can adjust the brightness of the light to your personal preferences, and it doubles as a great nightlight that won’t blind you if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Best Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

The Sonic Bomb is everything you’ll ever need to get out of bed on time. This turbo-charged, vibrating clock will shake you awake with its extremely loud alarm and bed shaker. It also integrates a snooze function for when you really just want a couple of minutes more. While it certainly lives up to its name, this smart alarm clock can have its volume turned off to operate with the bed shaker only. That way, everyone else can keep sleeping!

Best Multimedia Smart Alarm Clock

Now, many of us like to go to sleep and wake up while listening to their favorite artists or radio channel. If you simply can’t live without music in your life, Emerson’s SmartSet is what you need. It has become Amazon’s Choice in the category, and its ability to work as a phone charger certainly has something to do with it. It is Bluetooth-enabled and features a cyan LED clock display that isn’t traumatizing for the eyes.

Best Smart Alarm Clock with Virtual Assistant

Amazon Echo Show 5 integrates a 5.5-inch screen and speakers for you to play music and video. Its efficiency to function as a multimedia smart alarm clock perfect for your bedside table or anywhere else in your home. Compatible with Alexa, this model will allow you to perform a variety of everyday tasks – from managing your agenda to hearing the weather or cooking new recipes.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Smart Alarm Clocks

Nowadays, just about any smart device can work as an alarm clock, but very few are designed to fill the empty void left by the traditional alarm clock. If you want to know what makes a smart alarm clock so special, keep reading. We will answer the most frequently asked questions about these devices in the following section.

Smart alarm clocks are a touch of modernity for your bedside table.
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What is a smart alarm clock exactly?

This smart multifunctional device is designed to wake you up on time and monitor your sleep, each model offering different features and characteristics. Transcending traditional analog technology, they make use of new technologies such as sensors, screens, speakers, microphones, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks to add a wide variety of functions to a device whose purpose has been very limited in the past.

What are the advantages of smart alarm clocks?

These devices are extremely helpful, with multinational companies like Amazon, Google, Lenovo, or Philips competing on this market. However, the fact that they are currently trendy doesn’t mean that smart alarm clocks don’t have their drawbacks. You can compare their pros and cons in the table below:

  • They can improve the quality of your sleep
  • Modern addition to your bedside table
  • They can be excellent multimedia centers
  • Some offer new ways of waking you up
  • They can help you manage your other connected devices
  • Few devices are specialized
  • They can be quite expensive

Where should I place my smart alarm clock?

Just like traditional models, you should put your smart alarm clock on your bedside table or somewhere near your bed. The majority of them offer virtual wizards or media center functions for use in other spaces. Whether you take it on holiday with you or for a walk in the park, don’t forget to return it to its favorite place afterward.

Smart alarm clocks can be just as aesthetic as they are useful.
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What is the battery backup function?

Nowadays, smart alarm clocks integrate an incredible array of attractive features to make our lives easier. But let’s not forget that, if what you want is a device to wake you up, the most important thing is that it doesn’t mess up your day by running out of power during the night. If you want to sleep soundly knowing you’ll be up on time, the battery backup function is exactly what you need to be looking for.

Should I snooze with my smart alarm clock?

Snoozing, also known as “just five more minutes”, is a practice many of us do when we set several alarms in a row to delay the time we actually wake up. Any traditional or smart alarm clock has this feature for sleepyheads, but is it really appropriate?

It is a resounding no for experts, as this practice radically affects sleep cycles and brings you nothing positive. You are sending contradictory messages to your biological clock, which is already preparing to wake up, while you force it to start a new sleep cycle that it will be unable to complete with every hit of the snooze button.

Robert S. Rosenbergmedical director of the Sleep Disorders Centers of Prescott Valley and Flagstaff, Arizona

“When you hit the snooze button repeatedly, you’re doing two negative things to yourself. First, you’re fragmenting what little extra sleep you’re getting so it is of poor quality. Second, you’re starting to put yourself through a new sleep cycle that you aren’t giving yourself enough time to finish. This can result in persistent grogginess throughout the day.”

Can people with hearing impairment use a smart alarm clock?

Luckily for us, sound alarms aren’t the only method of waking us up that clocks integrate. Various smart models come with alternative or complementary technologies to conventional ones, and these are designed for people who have a variety of hearing impairments. If this is what you need, check the market and you will find the right product for you.

Can smart alarm clocks help deep sleepers?

The majority of smart alarm clocks are programmed to interrupt your sleep gradually. These systems are actually helpful for both light sleepers who will wake up at the first sound, and deep sleepers who will not get up until the alarm reaches a higher volume.

If your case is very serious and you need more powerful stimuli, specific smart alarm clocks use unorthodox and unpleasant methods to force you out of bed. Keep in mind that these models base their main appeal on this method and, therefore, rarely offer many additional features.

If you already have a virtual assistant, you may be more interested in a model to monitor your sleep.
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What kind of smart alarm clocks are there?

Smart alarm clocks can come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. The design and features of a specific model are directly related to the functions it performs, as well as its target audience. The good news is that the market is growing rapidly, and more and more models are being sold every year.

With so many different types available out there, we know just how complicated it can be to find the smart alarm clock that best suits your needs. We have designed the following table to help you compare the various smart alarm clocks on the market:

What they do Use
All-in-one assistants They can manage your connected devices and execute commands through a virtual assistant. Any action supported by the virtual assistant.
Light and sound alarm clocks They wake you up with a combination of light and sound simulating sunset/sunrise. Sleep therapy. Suitable for people with hearing impairment, they prevent snoozing and promote rest.
Multimedia alarm clocks Specialized assistants for video and audio reproduction. Ideal if you consume multimedia content from your bed.
Audio players These alarm clocks can play music and radio. Listen to the radio or send music from another smart device.
Vibrating alarm clocks They wake you up through a vibrating peripheral that is placed between your sheets. Best for deep sleep and people with hearing difficulties. They prevent snoozing.
Forced alarm clocks They force you to get out of bed so you can turn them off (mobile alarm clocks, pressure mats). For heavy sleepers, they prevent snoozing.

Do smart alarm clocks respect my privacy?

The only smart alarm clocks that may pose a threat to your privacy are those with cameras or microphones to communicate via voice or video commands. In general, they feature physical buttons for you to disable these functionalities. Pay attention to this if it is a priority for you.

Should I buy a smart alarm clock if I have a virtual assistant?

In the near future, just about every electronic device in our homes will be controlled by a virtual assistant. However, if you already have a device operating with Alexa, Cortana, or the Google Assistant and you think one is enough, you can opt for any other smart alarm clock.

Shopping Criteria

You probably have a fairly good idea of what kind of smart alarm clock you want to purchase. However, you may still be stuck between several models you like, and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry! In the following section, we will delve into a series of vital criteria that will help you make the right decision:

Alarm Type

Now that you know that you have various options available to help you get out of bed in the morning, think about the method that best suits you and pick a smart alarm clock that will meet your needs. Keep in mind that how you wake up directly affects your performance throughout the day, as well as your overall well-being.

If you can easily wake up with your cell phone’s alarm, then your best option will probably be any of the conventional models that usually have the most attractive features. If you are a heavy sleeper and need a good kick to get out of bed, tailor your search to these needs rather than other more superficial features.

Many smart alarm clocks offer virtual wizards or media center functions for use in other spaces.
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The most versatile and IoT-oriented smart alarm clocks base their marketing strategy on their connectivity with all kinds of virtual assistants, mobile operating systems, wireless networks, and cloud-based services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix.

The connectivity with all these services may be the addition you were looking for to turn your smart alarm clock into a whole management center for home automation, information, and entertainment. However, you may not be as interested in a device that can manage your connections if you rarely use the services mentioned above.


Technology doesn’t rhyme with lack of aesthetics. Too often, we tend to leave design aside and focus on performance when purchasing a new electronic device. Don’t forget that your smart alarm clock will be with you and the other furniture in your bedroom for quite some time. Evaluate your personal tastes and choose a model that pleases you aesthetically.


Considering that virtually everyone in the country has at least one device that is capable of setting an alarm, some people might view having a smart alarm clock more like a whim than a necessity. But who knows? What started out as a caprice could become something indispensable in your life.

Be sure about your budget and how you want to use your smart alarm clock. The affordability of a model has a lot to do with its ability to fulfill your different needs. As with all electronic devices, you can find low, mid, and high-end smart alarm clocks. Keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean worse quality; Amazon products, for instance, are as affordable as they are reliable.


Many models on the market offer almost identical features to the smart alarm clocks we have chosen in our product selection above and that were left out of the list because of their size. We really encourage you to select a smart alarm clock that is compact and can easily fit on a standard nightstand.

There are naturally exceptions, such as models that also operate as bed lamps. In that case, the device will actually end up helping you gain space on your bedside table since it will combine the functions of two different appliances.

A smart alarm clock is designed to wake you up on time and monitor your sleep, each model offering different features and characteristics.
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With giants like Amazon and Google leading the way, the smart alarm clock is gaining popularity and is dubbed as the new trend in the technology market. While they will certainly evolve dramatically in the coming years, more and more innovative models are revolutionizing the concept of the alarm clock as we knew it.

Their functions are so varied that defining what a smart alarm clock is can be truly challenging. What we know for sure is that this compact device is designed to wake you up in the morning. In addition, it integrates extra features that bring something new to what an analog or digital alarm clock offers.

We hope that you found our shopping guide on smart alarm clocks helpful and informative. If that’s the case, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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