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Snapchat is an American camera and social media company, founded on September 16, 2011, by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy based in Santa Monica, California. It has three products: Snapchat, Spectacles, and Bitmoji. The company was originally named Snapchat Inc. upon its inception, but it was rebranded on September 24, 2016, as Snap Inc. in order to include the Spectacles product under a single company.
The founders own a combined 95% voting power (Spiegel with 48% and Murphy with 47%), which is undiluted and transferable to the other of the two when one retires or dies.(4)

Key Facts: Snap.Inc by the numbers

One of the principal features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. (Source: Financial statistics

  • In 2019 Snapchat increase revenue by 44 % generated $561 million in revenue (1)
  • Average revenue per user increased 23% YoY to $2.58. (1)
  • Gross margin increased to 56%, compared to 48% in Q4 2018.(1)
  • Snapchat make an average of 2.57 per user in Q4 2019. (1)
  • Snapchat worldwide advertising is $1.53 billion. (2)

Free Cash Flow

  • In 2019 SnapChat flow improved $59 million Year to year $(67) million.(1)
  • Snapchat 2019 Free Cash Flow improved $73 million Year to year to $(76) million. (1)
  • SnapChat Ending cash and marketable securities decreased $148 million Quarter to Quarter  to $2.1 billion. (1) Annual User Statistics

  • In 2019, Snapchat added 31 million Daily Active Users and saw increased engagement across key metrics. (1)
  • 2018 eMarketer Snapchat stats show 94% of American social media users age 18-24 use Snapchat , overtaking those aged 12-17 (92%). The penetration rate for those aged 25-34 is 56%. Daily Usage Statistics

  • Daily Active Users  were 218 million in Q4 2019, an increase of 31 million or 17% year-over-year. (1)
  • Daily active users increased sequentially and year-over-year in each of North America, Europe, and Rest of World. (1)
  • Daily Active Users increased sequentially and year-over-year on each of iOS and Android platforms. (1)
  • Snapchat Stories are reportedly viewed 10 billion times a day. 25% of Snapchat DAUs upload stories daily to the platform. These stats, however, date to 2016 and 2017 respectively, with no more recent data available. (12)
  • As a side note, Snap Inc. reported in Q2 2019 the new Android app had seen an average increase of 7% in the average number of Snaps sent daily by new users. (7) Business Statistics

  • Snapchat has 2,734 employees as of Q4 (2019). (3)
  • Snapchat has a operating income of -1.237 Billion. (3)
  • November 2016, the company filed documents for an initial public offering (IPO) with an estimated market value of $25–35 billion. (3)
  • Snapchat app raised $485,000 in its seed round and an undisclosed amount of bridge funding from Lightspeed Ventures. (3)
  •  By February 2013, Snapchat confirmed a $13.5 million Series A funding round led by Benchmark Capital, which valued the company at between $60 million and $70 million.(3)
  • In June 2013, Snapchat raised $60 million in a funding round led by venture-capital firm Institutional Venture Partners,and the firm also appointed a new high-profile board member, Michael Lynton of Sony’s American division. By mid-July 2013, a media report valued the company at $860 million. (3)
  • Record Snapchat revenue – at the time of writing – stats were posted in Q4 2018, coming to $389.8 million in total. (3)

SnapChat Marketing Statistics

  • Almost 4 in 10 Snapchatters claim that they discover brands thanks to Snapchat celebrity endorsements and online posts.
  • Snapchat was forecasted that 28.3% of marketers use Snapchat for marketing in 2018. This is a slight improvement from the usage in 2017, which stood at 25%. The eMarketer analysis also found that Snapchat isn’t as popular as other social platforms, even among agency executives in the U.S. Only 36% of them use the platform, while 89% use LinkedIn, 78% use Facebook, and 75% use Twitter. (5)

While Snapchat and Instagram may appear similar to users, marketers take very different approaches when they use these platforms.

SnapChat Core Markets

  • Snapchat’s core markets are in the US, France and the UK in terms of user numbers. While growth has returned in the US, and continues in other developed countries where Snapchat has a foothold, it will flatten over our forecast period. (6)
  • The biggest growth is coming mainly from countries in Asia-Pacific, with India in particular posting substantial gains—it will become the platform’s second-largest market by 2020 in terms of user numbers. The biggest growth of all, however, will come from Russia, at 83.5% in 2019. (6)
  • Because Android dominates the majority of these countries, Snapchat’s Android app rebuild has been central to the platform’s continued success there. (6)
  • The core user group of Snapchat are Generation Z, seemingly. (7)

Snapchat Lenses User Stats

  • 200 million Snapchat users played with a new generation of AR lenses. (8)

Snapchat Originals Viewing Figures

  • In 2018,  Snapchat Originals series Endless Summer (a reality-series staring YouTuber Summer McKeen) reportedly drew in 28 million viewers. (9)
  • It’s not the only Snapchat Originals series to boast impressive viewing figures. Observer reports that Dead Girls was watched by 14 million people, and Deep Creek by 18 million. (10)
  • In July 2019, it was announced that a range of uber celebrities, like Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be partnering with Snapchat to create shows for Snapchat’s streaming offering. (11)

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