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These days in the majority of households, it is common to find lots of different devices that utilize a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection. This type of connection is most commonly used for charging or powering a device, or for data transfer to a computer or another type storage system such as an HDD or SSD.

A USB charging station is a multiport charger that makes these tasks a much easier process. They allow you to connect several devices into a single charger at the same time, which is powered from a single source (either a wall outlet or the cigarette lighter socket of a car). These useful gadgets are perfect for saving space and keeping your electronic devices in order. In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know about the best products currently available on the market.

Key Facts

  • There is a wide-range of USB charging stations available on the market, and the technology is already highly developed. Even with a small amount of money you can get a quality product, that has lots of great features.
  • Think about if you would prefer a wall-mounted, desktop or 12V charger. This will determine where you will be able to use it. The best option is to choose a USB charging station that offers extra features, such as quick charging, adaptable fast charging and auto shutoff.
  • Always check the compatibility, technical specifications and integrated technology before purchasing a USB charging station. These topics will be discussed in more detail later in this article.

Our Selection: The Best USB Charging Stations on the U.S. Market

If you have lots of electronic devices in your home that you use all the time, you definitely need a USB charging station. There are so many different options currently available on the market, which offer different functions, so choosing the one that is best for you is no easy task. In this section, we feature the four best products available in four categories. All these USB charging stations are best sellers, have fantastic customer reviews, and offer great value for money.

Most Popular USB Charging Station

Anker products are currently estimated to be used for recharging over 50 million devices in the USA alone. They are America’s leading manufacturer of USB chargers. This product has 6 USB ports that pump out 60 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging. It is equipped with advanced charging technology, for the fastest possible charge times. Worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage, so you can take it anywhere.

Best Desktop USB Charging Station

Here we have another popular product, which also has 6 USB ports. It features RAVPower’s iSmart Smart Charging Technology, that automatically identifies connected devices and their unique charging requirements. Every USB port then delivers exactly the right amount of power to match your device needs, guaranteeing a safer and more efficient charging speed. The five foot cable allows you to keep it on your desk, or away on a shelf.

Best Wall-Mounted USB Charging Station

A USB charging station that plugs directly into a wall outlet is perfect if you only need to charge up to three devices at the same time. This charger offers high-speed charging, and it is compact, lightweight, portable, stylish, easy to store, and perfect for travel. It has wide compatibility and will work with just about any tablet, phone or device.

Best USB Charging Station For Your Car

If you want a USB charging station for you car, this is the option for you. Now you can charge up to six devices simultaneously while driving. If you have a large family, the 2 feet cable allows everyone riding in the car to charge their mobile phone. Built-in fuse provides over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, to ensure the safety of your car and devices.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About USB Charging Stations

If you have a lots of devices that you constantly need to charge and keep powered, any of the USB charging stations we featured in the previous section would be a great choice. However, in order to make an informed choice, it is best to have a solid understanding of how these devices work, and the functions they offer. In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about USB charging stations.

connecting a phone

The voltage, number of ports and power, are criteria that you must take into account when purchasing a USB charging station.
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What is a USB charging station and what is it used for?

A USB charging station allows you to simultaneously connect different devices, so they can be charged or powered. Currently on the market there are many different options that either plug directly into a wall outlet, use a power cable, or use your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Different models are designed for different types of use, so make sure you choose the option that is best suits your needs.

Some more advanced models offer quick charge and USB C ports. Others utilize intelligent fast charging technology, which will adapt to the device you plug into it. They are also completely safe to use with all your USB devices, as they are designed to withstand overloading and overheating.

What is the difference between a wall-mounted USB charging station and a desktop version?

Unless you opt for a USB charging station that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your car, your main choice will be between a desktop charger or one that plugs directly into a wall outlet. These chargers have some key differences that you need to consider when choosing the model that is best for you.

Specification Plugs into a wall outlet Desktop
Dimensions Smaller and lighter. Larger and heavier.
Power Usually have a lower power rating. Usually have a higher power rating.
Number of ports Usually between two and four ports. Usually have more than five ports.
Connection Plugs directly into a wall outlet. Uses a power cable.
Use Best for people who only want to charge a few devices simultaneously, or for those who want something more portable. Perfect for families, or people with a very large number of devices.

What is smart USB charging station technology?

These days there are lots of different USB charging stations that utilize smart technology. Most chargers that do not offer it, will usually at least have a certain number of ports of a different amperage, so it is a good idea to check the specifications of your devices. This way you can always use the USB port that best suits each of your gadgets.

The USB ports of a smart charger all have the same amperage. Depending on the type of device you connect, it will increase the amperage to the maximum level supported. This is especially useful for people that often charge many devices at once, or for those who want the fastest possible charging time.

What are the most important specifications of a USB charging station?

It is important to take into account some technical specifications when choosing a USB charging station. These are the voltage, amperage and wattage. Don’t worry if you don’t know about these types of power ratings, they can easily be understood as follows:

  • Voltage: A volt (V) is the unit used to measure electrical voltage. Most USB charging stations have a voltage of 5 V. However, this can vary, especially in fast chargers which can reach up to 20 V.
  • Amperage: The amount of current intensity is measured in amps (A). This is the maximum intensity level of power that can be supplied during charging. Smart fast charging technology allows the intensity to adapt to the amperage of the device.
  • Wattage: The unit used to measure the overall power rating is the watt (W). To charge or power several devices simultaneously, a higher wattage is required to ensure that enough amperage is available.
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What is quick charge technology?

Today there are many mobile devices that incorporate quick charge technology. Some USB charging stations may have one or two ports, differentiated by their color, that implement this feature. These days this technology is integrated into more and more devices, so it is a good idea to find a model that offers it on at least one of its USB ports.

Are all devices safe to use with a USB charging station?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t need to worry about any of your devices being damaged from a USB charging station. Nowadays you can even spend a little more money and purchase a charger that utilizes smart technology, that adjusts the amperage to the connected device, for the fastest possible charge time.

Manufacturers have put a lot of effort into developing systems that offer full protection for any type of device. The majority of models are designed to cope with overheating and overloading.

car charger

Some USB chargers can plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket of your car.
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Why is a USB C charging station useful?

The USB Type-C port is used in the latest models of mobile phones. It uses a reversible connector, so you can stick in a cable any which way. It also provides a much faster data transfer rate, while minimizing the full charging time. Choosing a USB charging station with a USB C port offers all these great advantages.

USB Type-C is capable of carrying a much higher load, and can even be used to charge laptops. While connectors are not backwards compatible, the standards are, so the latest cables and adapters can always be used with older devices.

Shopping Criteria

Now that you have a solid understanding about the various specifications and features of USB charging stations, you are ready to make your choice. So that you can be sure you’re buying the product that is best for you, it is important to keep the following criteria in mind when making your purchase.

Type of Charger

Unless you are buying a charger to use in your car, you need to decide between the two main types of USB charging stations. Wall-mounted chargers are usually lighter and much more portable. They commonly have between two and four USB ports of different types, including smart and quick charging, although they are typically not as powerful.

Desktop USB charging stations are usually much more bulky and heavier. They are ideal if you are going to leave them in a fixed location. They are perfect for households that have a large number of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players and Bluetooth speakers and headphones. These charging stations usually have at least five USB ports of different types. They can be placed on a shelf or on your desk, and require the use of a power cable.

USB charging stations are small, lightweight and very easy to use.
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Type of Ports

All models of USB charging stations have a different combination of different types of ports. Check the specifications of your devices, so you know which ones you need. These days it is common to find ports that supply different amperage, and also smart charging ports that automatically detect the necessary current. These offer the most effective method of charging, and deliver the best possible performance.

If a USB charging station has any quick charge ports, they are usually colored differently. These days many mobile phones support this type of charging, so it is a great feature to look for. Quick charge ports are often also USB Type-C compatible.


Make sure you properly check the power specifications of the charger you plan to buy, in addition to their features and technology. These ratings include the output voltage measured in volts (V), the amperage measured in amps (A) and the wattage measured in watts (W). This way you can evaluate the maximum power capacity of the charger.

Higher power ratings are so important because they allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time, and make sure they all receive the necessary current to be able to be charged as effectively as possible. Smart chargers are capable of regulating the amps that each device needs. The higher the amperage, the faster the charge speed.

two phones charging in the same time

USB charging stations allow everyone to charge their mobile phone at the same time.
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These days the majority of USB charging stations are compatible with just about any device. However, as we explained earlier, the type of ports offered will allow you to utilize more efficient charging methods, thanks to the latest types of connectivity technology.


There are so many different options currently available on the market that offer great value for money. You can even purchase a USB charging station with lots of ports, that incorporates all the latest technology, for a very low outlay. If you are someone who own lots of electronic gadgets, this is the perfect device for you.

Remember to look for the charger that will be most useful for you, by considering its features, technical specifications and the number and types of ports. With a single purchase you can meet the needs of all your electronic devices that require a USB power supply. Following the advice in this article, you will be able to make the perfect choice.

We hope this shopping guide was helpful in making your purchase process easier. If you found it useful, please don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with your friends and family!

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